Monthly Archives: November 2013

Last Days in the Apartment

Back home from my visa run in Vientiane, I began, and then continuously put off, the long process of packing up, purging, and getting ready for leaving a semi-permanent residence.  In the process, it became quickly apparent how much stuff I had accumulated in my 2 years here in comparison to how little I had […]

Luxury Night Bus to Bangkok

After I had crossed back into Thailand from Vientiane and before heading to Phon Phisai, I booked what was supposed to be a top-quality night bus back to Bangkok. Given this knowledge ahead of time, I was hopping to break my long history of not being able to fall asleep on transport. The bus itself […]

Tent at a Temple

Working my way further down the river from the now two-years familiar Phon Phisai, I arrived in Rattanawapi, where the highest number of fireballs are continuously reported in recent years. A similar riverside to Phon Phisai, though much smaller and less ornate, Rattanawapi was certainly among the smallest towns I’ve been to in Thailand.  Along […]

Camping Out on the Mekong

Having been caught unaware by the enormity of the Naga Fireballs Festival last year, I came prepared with a small tent this year. Many tents had lined the Mekong River banks at the height of the festival, and I had taken a hint from the locals. Finding out too late that I had arrived two […]

Visa Run Hostel Bed at Sihome

It was a convenient turn of luck that I had to make a visa run from Thailand and a friend of mine from the Overstay Hostel in Bangkok, Stev, had recently begun working at a new hostel opened in Vientiane.  And while I had stayed in Vientiane before and it is very easy to to […]