Staying Over at the Overstay


I have a long history with Overstay since it happened to be just across the street from my apartment.  So, when it came time to move out, Overstay made a convenient little place to step off into the rest of the world.

A combination hostel, music venue, and neighbourhood bar for local foreigners, I often found myself here on random nights for a beer during my time English teaching. In the process, I would be met by locals and regulars as well as a constant rotating crowd of travllers who were coming and going from all parts.  Chatting with them was a nice way to live a little vicariously when I was not able to leave the city.

When I moved out was the first time I had actually rented a bed.  Between coming and going a few times, I have changed between the 200 baht single rooms and the 16 bed dorm, where people can be found sleeping at any time of day, given the 24 hour nature of the venue below.

One of the cooler touches is the ongoing works of artists that tend to stay.  Walls all over this former abandoned brothel are marked with paintings made by various guests.  And recently, 2 of the resident artists, Kevin and Sweed, have been making a project of re-decorating every room.

The Overstay Bed Cost:

  • Dorm Bed:  100 baht (US$3.00)
  • Single Room:  200 baht (US$6.00)
  • Double Room:  300 baht (US$9.00)
My first room in the Overstay

My first room in the Overstay


The sleepy dorm room at midday.

The sleepy dorm room at midday.


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  1. miss this place

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