Monthly Archives: January 2014

Yangon’s Cheapest Beds

When my prepaid reservation was up at the Daddy’s Home Hotel, I still hadn’t decided what I wanted to do next.  So, rather than pay the price, I was out early in the morning looking for prices of other nearby guest houses.  A small number of them dot the blocks around Selu Pagoda, the […]

Look Out, Myanmar. Daddy’s Home!

Arriving in strange cities at night seems to be a common occurrence for me.  However, landing at night in not only a strange new city, but a city in one of the stranger countries in the world?  I broke habit and booked a hotel ahead of time for Yangon. Reliable information about lodging in any […]

Facedown for Three Days in Lopburi

When my first choice of the Nett Hotel was full the second time I went to Lopburi, I continued down the street toward Narai’s Palace.  Nicely located across the road from the Palace walls is the Lopburi Asia Hotel.  Although he bathroom was a bit grungy, most of the room was adequately clean.  This turned […]

Boutique Hotel in Ratchaburi?

Common enough of most hotels throughout Thailand, the room provided a cold shower, a private toilet and adequate wifi.  The bed was comfortable in a bit of a stiff way, if that can make any sense.  And, thankfully, there were a few English channels to watch as I was falling asleep. However, there was certainly […]