Facedown for Three Days in Lopburi

lopburi-asia-hotelWhen my first choice of the Nett Hotel was full the second time I went to Lopburi, I continued down the street toward Narai’s Palace.  Nicely located across the road from the Palace walls is the Lopburi Asia Hotel.  Although he bathroom was a bit grungy, most of the room was adequately clean.  This turned out to be a good thing, as it would turn out being my unintended place of convalescence for several days.

After a chair collapsed on me at the Noom Guest House’s Restaurant, I returned to the room with a highly agitated back and laid down in the bed hoping it would get better overnight.  It didn’t.

The next day, I asked the desk to call me a taxi to take me to the hospital.  apparently no car taxis exist in Lopburi and they offered me a motorbike taxi.  When I said there was no way I could sit on a motorbike, they reluctantly agreed to drive me, first trying to get me to go to the clinic a block away (which I was actually capable of walking to, barely) and finally to an actual hospital.  Although, I can help but think they took advantage of the situation, by charging me 500 baht (US$15) each way.

At that point, I was irritated, but didn’t really care.

The next 3 days, I spent on the semi-comfortable bed completely face-down, as it was the only position I could muster some comfort in.  A couple of instances, one of the owners knocked on my door asking if I’d like them to order me any food.

The only issues with the hotel I had were when they shut down the elevator at completely random and frequent times and would not allow me to turn it on, even to go back to the fourth floor after a much-needed 7-11 run.

Lopburi Asia Hotel Bed Cost:

  • Fan Room:  370 baht/ US$ 11.25

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