Yangon’s Cheapest Beds


When my prepaid reservation was up at the Daddy’s Home Hotel, I still hadn’t decided what I wanted to do next.  So, rather than pay the non-Agoda.com price, I was out early in the morning looking for prices of other nearby guest houses.  A small number of them dot the blocks around Selu Pagoda, the monument that is essentially the centre of the downtown.

On the southwest side of the pagoda is the Mahabandoola Guest House.  Taking rickety metal stairs up to the third floor past several other private residences, you’ll find the entrance.  I had heard of this through Kayleigh, a friend of mine from the Overstay who now lives in Yangon and had spent her first month in the dorm here before she found out that a private single room was only $2 more.

Seeing as the dorm was essentially 4 sleeping mats on the floor in a closet, I asked for a private room as well.  They were out of singles, so I paid $12 for a double, still less than half of what I’d been paying for Daddy’s Home, and it was a fairly comfortable bed.

Very few of the people I met there were at the beginning of their trip, and most seemed to have only heard about the Mahabandoola Guest House at some point along time in Myanmar.  They were now riding out their last few days here in Yangon.

The guest house has occasionally reliable wifi and a common area of plastic chairs where the live-in staff is usually watching television.  The toilets and showers are divided by thin walls of future-board, a cardboard-like plastic.  Still, it was a friendly enough place for a couple days’ time.

Mahabandoola Guest House Bed Cost:

  • Dorm Bed (Shared Bathroom) 4000 kyat / US $4.oo
  • Single Room (Shared Bathroom) 6000 kyat / US $6.00
  • Double Room (Shared Bathroom) 12000 kyat / US $12.00
Dorm 1 in a large closet.

Dorm 1 in a large closet.

Dorm 2 in the back hallway.

Dorm 2 in the back hallway.

My double room with A/C.

My double room with A/C.



  1. Yangon is a very expensive city (and country in general) and although I stayed at Traders hotel, I wish I could have found some cheaper good quality accommodation before I went. http://backpackerlee.wordpress.com/2014/01/28/going-for-gold-at-the-shwedagon-pagoda/

    1. You’re right particularly when it comes to lodging. Food is more expensive than in neighbouring Thailand, but not by too much if you keep an eye on what you’re ordering.

      Transport on the other hand is hit or miss. Taxis are a bargain and inter-city buses can usually be decently priced, but the internal flights are considerably high.

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