Monthly Archives: October 2014

Primerose Hotel – Frosty Nights on Inle Lake

In yet another instance of the bus arriving in the unbearable hours of early morning.  With it around 4am, freezing, and everything closed, there weren’t too many options.  A few touts and tuk-tuk drivers were at the bus stop.  Agreeing to one, I was brought through a zigzag of dark streets on a path I […]

Lone Bed in Shwebo

There are some guest houses in Myanmar in which foreigners are not allowed to stay.  It was in Shwebo, about 2 hours north of Mandalay that I first encountered this phenomenon.   With only about 4 guest houses in the entire town, I was turned away from 2 others before I finally came to Shwe […]

Come You Back to Mandalay

In a rare occurrence of not arriving in the middle of the night, and simply after dark this time, the ride into town from the bus station brought me through an urban scene of lights and shopping centers much different from what I had seen in Yangon.  After being dropped off at the tourist area […]