Come You Back to Mandalay


In a rare occurrence of not arriving in the middle of the night, and simply after dark this time, the ride into town from the bus station brought me through an urban scene of lights and shopping centers much different from what I had seen in Yangon.  After being dropped off at the tourist area at the southeastern end of the citadel, the streets were quite empty.

Unfortuantely, the guest houses nearby were not.

After a few tries, I found the Garden Hotel to be the best option in the area.  With a breakfast included and a large number of foreigners using the wifi in the lobby, it provided a very convenient location for Mandalay.  Small restaurants and beer stands scatter the surrounding blocks and the hotel was easily able to arrange an automatic motorbike for me to explore the city the next couple days.

The only odd and semi-inconvenient part of the hotel is the doors locked relatively early, making it awkward to wake up and walk through the lobby full of sleeping workers when you get back to the hotel late.


Garden Hotel Bed Cost:

  • Double Fan Room (Private Bathroom) 13000 kyat / US $13.00




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