K77 Guest House Medan – Getting Acquainted With Sumatra


It’s usually not a good sign when you arrive in a new city at night and your taxi driver has to stop on a dark street to (presumably) ask for directions.  That was the case when we were looking for the K77 Guest House in Medan, the capital of North Sumatra and fourth largest city in Indonesia.  We eventually found it easily identifiable by its orange Christmas lights decorating the front.

Once inside the K77 Guest House, I was quickly greeted and shown to my room by Lola, one of the owners.  The room was nice, has a lockable cabinet, air-con and a very comfortable double bed.  However there were a number of mosquitoes buzzing around that I had to kill off.

The guest house has 2 immaculately clean shared bathrooms, one on each floor, and one shared sink on the second floor. There are refrigerators and very convenient free water dispensers for the guest to use.

The K77 Guest House was located off the path of most tourists in the city, which turns out to be a mixed blessing.  There a are LOT of great local food joints around and all of them will be happy to have you in, doing their best to impress you while asking to take pictures with you.  Along with this is the experience of a neighbourhood away from the (maybe?) polished Medan tourist infrastructure.

However, as my initial taxi ride showed me, it’s difficult to get to and from the K77 Guest House.  Medan is not a very walkable city and K77 is a decent a decent distance from the more popular attractions.  The owners will happily call a taxi anytime you need to go somewhere, but getting a taxi each time becomes burdensome.  Every taxi I took back had to stop to ask directions, even though I gave them the exact address.

K77 Guest House Bed Cost

  • Twin Room (shared bathroom) 220,000 rupiah / US $15.00
  • Family Room (shared bathroom) 300,000 rupiah / US $21.00




  1. Sounds decent! Thanks for the review 🙂

    1. It was and the food in the surrounding neighborhood is really great.

      1. That sounds amazing! Good food in the neighborhood is always a very positive criteria for me!

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